World History Exam Study Guide

who created the Illiad and the Odyssey?
what is the home of the Greek gods?
mount olympus
fortified place and religious center
what was written by Herodotus which is commonly regarded as the first real history in Western Civilization?
History of the persian wars
city state
ruled by few
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the illiad and the odyssey were what?
what was the result of Alexander the Great’s conquests?
Greek language, art, and culutre spread throughout asia
Who were the bronze using people of Crete?
What influenced Greek history?
mountains and seacoast
How do most historians believe the Minoan civilization was destroyed?
by tidal wave
Who did a unified Greek army defeat 479 B.C?
Who determined the circumference of the earth within 185 miles of accuracy?
Who helped with the early development of Rome, and what did they do?
Eutruscans, launched a building program
What was the fist written set of laws by the Romans?
twelve tables
Who was the First Triumvirate made up of?
Crassus, Pompey, and Julius Caesar
What happened to the power of paterfamilias in Roman history?
lost power
Who became the Roman Empire’s first Christian emperor?
Under which emperor did Rome adopt Christianity as its official religion?
Theodusius the Great
What did the politicak and military reforms of Diocletian and Constantine do?
drained civil funds, enhanced army and civil service
What is a form of government in which the leader is not a monarch, and certain citizens choose a representative to vote for them?
What was the Roman Senate?
a select group of 300 patricians who served for life
What happened to Julius Caesar
What was a period of peace and prosperity in rome?
Pax Romana
What did the edict of Milan proclaim?
official tollerence of christians
Who were wealthy landowners that served in the senate?
True or False, Rome was located on the ocean?
Rome was ruled by a _________for its first 500 years
What did romans NOT excel at?
pure democracy
In what war did the romans defeat Carthage?
Punic wars
What is a law code which provided muslim believers with a set of rules for everyday life?
What dynasty replaced the Umayyad dynasty?
A ______ is a covered market which was a crucial part of every muslim city.
What is hajj?
pilgrimage to mecca
If faithful muslims follow the five pillars of islam they can expect what?
a place in paradise
According to islam who was the prophet of allah?
According to the quran, fair and defensive warfare is called jihad, what does jihad mean?
struggle in the way of God
what caused mistrust and hatred between christians and muslims?
In addition to the five pillars of islam muslims obey the ________ which forbids the consumption of pork, alcohol, and forbids gambling.
what happened to the edical encyclopedia that was written by Ibn Sina?
it was translated and used as a text book
what was the most important thing that a king could give to a vassal?
________ was the code followed by knights
in 1066 who invaded england, won the battle of hastings, and took over england?
william of normandy
What was a document that limited the power of kings and monarchies?
magna carta
who was the muslim leader taht signed a truce with king richard I?
Which pope increased the power of the pope and the church?
gregory I
what was at the heart of feudalism?
a vassals loyalty to king and manor
Who was the author of The Body of Civil Law?
Who started the crusades?
pope urban II
Who defeated the muslims at the battle of toors?
charles martel
Who expanded the power of the royal courts?
henry II
Who converted the franks to christianity?
Aristocrtic women could do anything but what?
manage the church
where does a monk live?
Who did not conquer the Holy Land: Muslims, Christians, Vikings?
who were not allowed to leave the manor, and were bound to the land?
what teaching was supposed to reconcile faith and reason?
what was literature written in the language of everyday speech in a particular region?
who brought the 100 years war to a turning point by leading the french troops?
joan of arc
Spain’s two strongest kingdoms, castile and aragon were united when ________.
ferdinand married isabella
_______ is practiced by which kinds or rulers chose the church officials.
lay investiture
to achieve his political ends pope innocent III used an ______ which prohibited sacraments to be given to the people.
the ________ was a court created by the catholic church that punished heritics
The black death killed nearly 38 million resulting in __________.
major economic consequenses
What caused england more turmoil after the 100 years war?
the war of the roses
what did not help population increase during the high middle ages?
increased peace and stability
true or false, the two field system did NOT improve agriculture in europe.
true or false, a vassal is NOT a part of the guild training system.
true or false chivalry is a part of the guild training system.
what type of architecture was characterized by ribbed vaults, pointed arches, flying buttresses, and stained-glass windows?